Ahhh…the boys look great. Neil is as handsome as ever, and I’m feeling a little on the pretty side, myself. This is the first wedding all four of our family members have been invited to attend. Usually, we receive an invitation, but let’s face it. Who wants loud children who can’t sit still, wiggling amongst the other guests while the bride and groom say, “I do?”

Yeah, well, today we are all going. The groom personally invited us. In fact, he made a point to say, “Make sure you bring the boys. I want to see them at my wedding.” Forcing back the tears, I promised they would attend.

So, here we are at the church. Neil and I are standing at the back of the sanctuary, he with one boy and I with the other. So far, I am pretty impressed at how well the boys are doing. Noah is repeating scenes from Eight Below when the dogs are barking. At least he’s barking in a whisper. Judah is talking in “Judah-jargon.” Both have their ears covered. People keep turning around and glaring at us, but, really, they’re not being loud at all. The butterflies in my stomach must have a caffeine buzz. The lady sitting directly in front of Judah just leaned over and whispered to her husband. Another glare. Now someone is whispering to Neil. Maybe she has another “seating” option for us to see our friends get married. The balcony, perhaps?

Yep. I was right. We were just asked to leave. Somehow those butterflies turned to a sack of soaking, wet rags. I think I might throw up. Neil says, “We’re staying. We’ll just stand in the foyer.” Tears are stinging my eyes like little needles as I focus on the groom finally getting his chance to say, “I do.”

Now, at the reception, the wedding coordinator apologizes profusely, and she assures me we are welcome. In fact, she just moved us to the head of the reception line to eat. Our friend, the groom, sees us and thanks us for coming. People are waiting to congratulate him, but he makes them wait. Taking his time, he makes sure we have been cared for. “Yes, we did get something to eat and drink, thank you.” Then long, tight hugs all around as we thank him for allowing us to attend his wedding. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad you came.”

On the way home, my thoughts are consumed with another Groom who has invited us to participate in His wedding. He longs for my boys to join in His wedding, too. I am faced with a similar choice. Do I allow what others say to discourage me from bringing my sons with me and teaching them to engage in the everlasting dance of eternity? Or shall I focus on the Groom and, regardless what others may say or do, teach my sons to say the words I learned to say: “I do?”

9 thoughts on “Invited

  1. A beautiful analogy with the wedding feast of the Lamb, where only the Groom will determine who celebrates at His table.

    Noah and Judah are precious in His sight, and those here on earth who do not see as The Lord sees, are missing out on the blessing of these two little guys. The groom of the wedding you attended obviously sees, and has the heart of God to demonstrate God’s love.

    Keep on getting out there with Noah and Judah to show the world that God intends for them to be in it, to fulfill their purpose in it, regardless of those who do not see.

    Much love and prayers for your family!


    1. Thank you, Carmen! You’re always such an encouragement to me.


  2. You touched my spirit with your story; thank you for sharing, Becky!


  3. Rebecca! You and Neil obviously are such warriors of Hi, illustrated in the awesome reliance and confidence he has in you both in handling special situations with His special children. Enviously, I haven’t been the capable person to entrust me with the opportunity for witnessing as He has you. I look forward to the Wedding Dinner with all four of you! In that Day, all will be understood, apologies and forgivenesses given, and all will be perfect in
    His Home. Gratefully, Peggy Finnigan


    1. Dearest Peggy, you are thoughtful and generous with your words. Thank you. If there is any confidence to be found in us, it is completely His grace and the confidence is in Him. We are learning to find the “opertunities” in the hard places. Indeed, we are learning, but that, again, is His grace. Thank you, again, for your sweet, encouraging words! I, too, look forward to that Wedding Feast!


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