Sometimes I Just Need to Make a List…

…So that’s what I’m going to do for this post: make a list.

Things I’ve Learned from my Boys and Love about Them:

  • I’m learning to see beyond myself
  • Although cognitively and socially challenged, they can still have the mind of Christ.
  • They bear His image.
  • Patience. I’m definitely learning patience. Will this lesson ever end?
  • Time is more important than plans
  • “Being” is more important than accomplishing
  • If I laugh, they’ll laugh
  • My attitude sets the tone for their day…and then mine.
  • Traditions are good as long as they have meaning behind them
  • Judah likes our faces to touch



  • Noah likes our space to touch
  • Noah and Judah are God’s gifts to me to shape my character. I love that!
  • Judah’s ticklish spots are God’s gift to him to make him laugh that crazy infectious laugh
  • God’s gift to Noah is his dynamo mind to process, understand, and see the world so uniquely with SUCH a tender heart.
  • Kitty litter in the bath tub really isn’t the end of the world. It’s gross, but Judah can take another bath
  • They each have their own “hug shape.” When Judah steps off the bus, my arms form a Judah-shaped-hug as I embrace him. An hour later, Noah steps off the bus, and my arms are ready to greet him with a Noah-shaped-hug. No one else can fill those body-shaped-hugs like they do.
2012-04-06 14.19.22
Noah and Judah
After reviewing my list, I began thinking… And I made another list.
Ways I’m Learning about how God Sees Me:
  • I must learn to know God in order to understand myself
  • I’m so far from perfect, yet I can still have the mind of Christ
  • Although I make mistakes and sometimes fail, I am an image bearer of Christ because of His grace, mercy, and forgiveness
  • Perseverance. I’m definitely learning perseverance. Will this lesson ever end?
  • Daily time with Him is more important than my plans for the day
  • Sitting at His feet is more important than cleaning my house
  • His joy is my strength. He always provides something or someone to make my heart smile
  • My attitude sets the tone for the day, so I need time with Him FIRST (especially when I have a full docket)!
  • Routines are good as long as they include Him
  • God likes our space and our faces touching. Propinquity.
  • So do I!
  • God has surrounded me with gifts (people and nature) that make me laugh and think. It’s often through these circumstances I gain perspective.
  • He created me with my own hug-shape.
  • But most importantly, His hug-shape for me was when He stretched out His arms to die in order for me to know the truth of His love.

2013-02-23 15.40.33

Cliché? Maybe. But it’s true.

What’s on your list?

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Need to Make a List…

  1. BECKY!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! It’s a 10!!!!!!!


  2. Was so great to get to see ALL of you at dinner on Tuesday nite!!!! Love you and appreciate your Heart and Commitment to God Becky!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Dawn! It was really good to visit with you and the gang.


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