This is Judah.

Judah means “praise.” Noah was six-months-old when we found out I was pregnant with Judah. We never wanted Judah to doubt whether he was wanted just because he came as a surprise, so we gave him the name Judah. We’ve always told him that he’s a gift from God (which is what his middle name -Nathaniel-  means), and we praise God for His plan in his life. Yes. There is a plan, even with autism.

He’ll be 12-years-old in a month. Hard to believe. He fears nothing, which is pretty cool…sometimes. I’ve learned a lot from this young man. He daily demonstrates what it means to Laugh Out Loud (emphasis on “loud”).


Judah holds nothing back. He lives life completely in the moment, and each moment is “full-throttle-living.”


He’s super creative, and does things others would only dare to think of doing –maybe.

He doesn’t know what he can’t, or shouldn’t, be able to do, so he just does it. No fear.

Judah is super affectionate to those he really loves, especially his brother, Noah.

He’s laid back and pretty chill. Judah knows how to enjoy life.

He sometimes opts for the harder way of doing things. He’s stubborn, determined, and a perfectionist. But he works hard at whatever he does.

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He’s thoughtful of everyone who seems to need a friend regardless of who they are or what they look like.


That’s my Judah!

Judah is a bundle of praise everyday. Some days I’m challenged by his gifts and personality, each challenge an opportunity to praise God for who He has created Judah to be and who He is creating me to become through my son.

Thank You, LORD, for Judah!

5 thoughts on “Judah

  1. PRISCILLA J KING December 9, 2016 — 8:30 am

    What a delightful boy you have! I loved the photos. Thank you for sharing Judah with those not privileged to know him in the flesh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank You, Lord, for Judah and his beautiful family!
    Each day new and filled with creative wonder.

    Love you.


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