This is Neil.

Neil means “Champion.” And he is. God made him a champion in every way I know. But this champion is who he is, not because he’s shattered records and left others in the dust. Neil is a champion because he puts everyone else first. He serves in the shadows. Humility and servanthood are the characteristics of this winner.

Neil and I have known each other almost twenty years. Of the almost-twenty years, we’ve been married for a little over fifteen. My best friend. Sweetheart. Hubby. Lover. Partner in all of life. My role model. I know, that last one’s not very romantic, but I look up to him. Although, we are not dancers, per se, we hold each other close as we dance to the music of Life.

As his arms easily fit around our boys, his heart lovingly embraces all of us.


He is a family man…

…no matter what.

family portrait9

He’s extremely patient and long suffering.

And sometimes a little tired through it all.


Caring and tender-hearted describe him to a “T.” Neil is well informed and can relate to people on all levels. He’s intuitive, responsive, and loving.  He leads our family, but doesn’t need the spotlight. In fact, he often leads from behind, giving others center stage. Although I take a lot a pictures, he is the one most often behind the camera. I’m sure glad he likes selfies with the boys!

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The thing is this: for me, Neil is a gift from God. God knew I needed someone who would reflect His faithful love in this life. God wanted to give me someone who would constantly point me to His Son, Jesus Christ for true living. This life is so short, and I’m so grateful for this man who challenges me to love sacrificially, all the while giving himself to loving me completely with the love of Jesus.

Bottom line:

Life can be hard, and until my name is called to dance into the arms of Christ, it helps to have a partner, a husband, a friend who desires to dance with me in this life for “better and for worse.”

This song is sung by my friend Karen England. When I asked her to sing it at our wedding, she told me she usually gets requests to sing this one at funerals. But I see it differently…

Thank You, LORD, for Neil.

9 thoughts on “Neil

  1. Beautiful. And humbling. Does that make sense? I think I am saying we are humbled when God gives us a thing of beauty we don’t deserve. We are humbled when something we thought “bad” turns into a thing of beauty. God is so incredibly good!!

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    1. Completely agreed, Priscilla! I know exactly what you mean…makes perfect sense. Thank you for reading!


  2. God is indulgent! I love you both— Well, all four of you!! 🙂

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  3. What a beautiful tribute to your amazing husband! You are truly blessed, as is Neil!

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    1. Thank you, Karen! God knew who would be great for me, and carried out His blessing. ❤


  4. Hi Becky – “The Mid-night Author”, I loved this on your Champion, Neil!
    Also, the pictures of your Thanksgiving trip to Colorado!
    Thanks and know God loves you…and so do I,

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