Grains of Sand

A couple weeks ago, we experienced kind of a rough and tumble week.

After the school bus pulled away from our drive, I  climbed back into bed. The summer left its toll on my body and brain; rest and sleep literally marked my agenda for the day. Just as I was dozing off, my phone buzzed. Neil was waiting at the gas station at the end of our road. His car battery died. I threw the jumper cables in my car and peeled out of the driveway. Forty-five minutes later, the tow truck slowly backed up to Neil’s car. So much for jumper cables.


A couple days later, we swapped $400 for his car. Most expensive battery replacement -EVER! Foreign parts always cost more. Finally, pay day arrived, but much to our chagrin, a mistake was made when cutting his check. We were missing over two grand. That made me grumpy. 

money pink coins pig
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Saturday, Neil and I took the boys to the outlet mall to buy some shoes for school. I set my phone down next to me while Neil laced Judah’s shoes. Next thing I knew, my phone was missing. Someone took my phone! With insurance on our phones, a replacement is only $200. BUT all together, that’s $3200 down this week. Discouragement extinguished any thoughts of hope.

Sunday, on the way home from church, I wanted to cry. I still couldn’t shake the feelings of helplessness of being sucked under by the whirlpool of financial loss. Lord, change my heart again.

Then He spoke to my heart: “I’ve given you all you have.”

Me: “And all we don’t have is also from You. I mean, all in one week…a coincidence? I don’t think so.” I took comfort in the fact that God’s back wasn’t turned and this all didn’t catch Him off guard. There was no oops here.

Then a picture came to my head. I saw Abraham kneeling in the dirt counting tiny grains of sand. God’s promise to him was that his offspring would outnumber the stars and the grains of sand. My God is that God. Then I saw me…counting one dollar bills. Each one

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counts when purse strings are tight. But how many is too much for Him to give? Each one still counts, but when Abraham was counting stars in the moment of promise, God had already planned the generations that would come through him. What is three grand to God?

I heard His voice in my spirit again. “For the sake of your faith, ask of Me. As much as your faith will stretch, ask Me. I am God; the One who holds the wind and rain, who created and calls each star by name. I am He who created each tiny grain of sand and fulfilled My word to Abraham of promised generations through his seed. Seek Me first, and ask of Me. Trust Me for all your needs.

daylight desert drought dry
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He’s changing my heart as my perspective shifts once again.


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