Into the Unknown

It seems a tad early to review the last decade, as it’s another year until 2020. Remember all the 80’s movies based on the future in the 2020s?! We’re nearly there! I wonder if we’ll all be driving hover crafts instead of gasoline filled vehicles and our highways will be airborne in a couple years!!!

Texas has truly become our home. It’s the longest time I’ve lived in one place since living in Canada during my childhood. I’ve found home in the hearts of all the people we’ve met, volunteered with, and served. What an honour and delight to be a part of so many people’s lives!

Quite awhile back, there was talk at Dell-EMC (where Neil works) of a promotion that would relocate our family. And that’s what it remained: talk. But once November rolled around, there were other opportunities within the company that were presented. Four departments actively pursued Neil to fill a position in their division. They all wanted him. As flattering as it was to be wanted by such a plethora of divisional possibilities, it was overwhelming as they each presented great promise.

One of the choices would demand a relocation, and the other three would keep us here in Texas, and as I mentioned, Texas has captured our hearts over the last decade. It’s home for our family. As exciting as it would be to embark on a new adventure in another state, Neil and I love where we live, our neighborhood, the communities in which we serve, and all the people whose lives have connected with ours over the years.

That said, above all, we want to be exactly where God wants us.

After weighing out the pros and cons of the positions presented, we still had no clue how to go about making the right decision for our family. So, we prayed (what a novel idea, eh?!). We asked God for unmistakable clarity. That following week, two of the four positions fell off the table. Only two choices left. One was a fully salaried position promising more financial security as well as keeping us around familiar faces and places. The other option was accepting the position that would uproot our family and take us out of state, requiring new church, doctors/specialist, schools, neighborhood,… well, you get the point. It’s also another commission-based position. Over the years, we’ve learned that commission-based positions are all faith-based positions! It’s not a bad thing.

The idea of not having to move in the middle of the year and a little more financial security was enticing to say least, but, although we didn’t know why, we felt that God wanted us in the D.C. area. The Project Management position to stay in Texas had been delayed for nearly two weeks. As we waited to hear from that division, the offer letter to be a Sales Engineer Team Lead in Virginia arrived in Neil’s inbox. We waited a little longer, hoping to at least have a chance to compare the two offers. 

The delay continued due to medical emergencies on the other end of the Project Management deal. Finally, we couldn’t put it off any longer. The next morning, Neil signed the agreement to relocate our family to McLean, VA over the next few months. A few hours later, the fully salaried project management position came through.

A friend asked me if we would take the salary job even if we felt God wanted us in VA. In all honesty, I couldn’t answer. As Neil and I drove to Wisconsin for the holidays, we were able to step back and see how God orchestrated the whole thing.

If all the unforeseen delays with the Project Management job hadn’t taken place, we probably would have accepted that one. It would definitely be easier. Interesting how everything was delayed until only hours after Neil accepted the position in Virginia.

It seems obvious where God wants us next.

God isn’t calling us to security in what we have; He’s calling us to live by faith as He continues to provide every need. You know what’s been really cool? Not only has He provided every need we’ve had over the last ten-plus years, He’s provided door after open door for us to give and serve in our community. All we have is all we need. And that is what He has given us to serve Him with.

We still don’t have a hard and fast timeline as to when we’ll be out there, but it looks like it will be no later than the beginning of April. I’m still processing the reality of it all!

Thank you, all, for being a part of our lives. May this not be “good-bye;” may it be the beginning of encouraging and inspiring each other from across the country! Can’t wait to share more God-stories with you!!!! I want to hear yours, too!

2 thoughts on “Into the Unknown

  1. WOW! That is quite an adventure God has started you on. We will be praying.


    1. Thank you, Uncle Cliff! ❤❤❤


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