Garden of Weedin’

Life is like a garden.

Journal, 12/01/05

From my journal in 2005:

The first time I did any gardening was when I worked at His Mansion Ministries in New Hampshire in the mid 90’s ( During the summer months, my boss charged me with fourteen, both herbal and floral, gardens.

“Make sure you weed the gardens daily and keep them watered every other day,” he instructed.

“How will I know what’s a weed and what’s a plant? What stays and what gets pulled?”

My fear of failure and ruining the gardens grew like a monster within me as I stared into a floral garden brimming with an array of colors.

“Whatever you don’t want in your garden is a weed.”

At the time I wrote this journal entry in 2005, figuring out how to raise my boys boggled my mind. I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to discipline two toddlers with autism. How do I address unwanted behaviors when I know their intentions are good? What behaviors do I address and which ones do I slide a “pass” to? As I was praying about this, the Holy Spirit brought this garden scene back to mind. The idea of their lives being like little gardens waiting to be watered, nurtured, and daily weeded flipped a mental light switch and brightened my entire outlook. What kind of yield do I desire from each plant/child? What behaviors do I want to see in their lives? Which ones don’t I want? The garden of their hearts and souls is under my (and Neil’s) care.

Lord, help me discern the weeds… and bless these little gardens with Your beauty. May their lives feed other souls that hunger for Your truth. Let the soil of their souls become rich that they may be perfect foundations for future growth.

This week…

A couple days ago, as I read this fourteen-year-old journal entry, I began realizing how much my own life is like a garden, always needing the care of watering, nurturing, and weeding. Life is full of both good and bad. As I look back, I can see it’s through the rough times that I’ve drawn comfort from friends and family. I’ve leaned in close and gleaned from fields of wisdom as they’ve pointed me to Christ for answers.

My Best Friend

Recently, I’ve needed to pull weeds that neither belong in my garden nor add beauty. They are weeds that are often easily overlooked, especially when unrecognized. In order for the beauty of grace, mercy, and freedom to grow, weeds like denial, deception, and isolation need to be pulled. Thanks to my husband and a dear friend, I’ve been clearing my garden lately. In fact, I see it’s been awhile since I’ve done some weeding in life’s garden. So I’ve been pulling and tilling quite a bit, making way for more beautiful growth! Sooooo grateful for those in my life who love me well by pointing me to truth!!! I guess that’s why community is so important. Thank you, hubby and dear friend (you know who you are)!

Have you done any weeding in your garden lately?

I’m Yours by Lauren Daigle

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